Hello World,

I am Rockstan. The pronunciation is easier than the name looks. Be my guest and ask Siri. Repeat slowly after me…ROCK-STAN. Did you get it?

My family, friends and acquaintances  calls me Roxy. I’m totally fine with being called Roxy. I think that it is sweeet and warm. Some even takes it to another level and call me Foxyroxy, which spice things up a bit. Rrrrrr! 

The spelling of my name is soo interesting, I’ve been mis-called so many different names.  

At doctor’s appointment, I will get questions like “How do you pronounce your name?” I will casually say Roxann, End of the story but some may say “you have a very unique name, I’ve never seen that spelling before” Now I feel compel to tell the tasteful story of how my mom use two different names to create my uniquely beautiful name. Which is usually a great conversation starter.

Once I heard one of my supervisor shouted Rockstar, “Please don’t forget to sign-out” I was all for it- replying Yea, “How did you get a star out of stan?”

On job interviews, funny how all the applicants before me are called by their first name but ME, I’m called by my last name. Thanks mom.

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When I was a bit younger I use to rage and rant about changing the spelling of my name. I felt the need to change my name. Through my life experiences, I’ve learned that my name is my identity and it has created who I am as an individual. I’m beating my own drums. My name speaks of strength, how strong I’ve become and who I am destine to be. I’ve accepted my name, I am learning to accept myself. Please don’t let others make you feel that you have to change because you are different. Because you are UNIQUELY CREATED by the hands of God.

Thank you for reading.

Please feel free to share your name and its meaning?